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Paul Picot

Paul Picot is a luxury Swiss watch company that was founded in 1976. Unfortunately Paul Picot started his line of watches right when Japan’s quartz made watches were taking over the industry. Many historic Swiss brands had to shut down due to the economic conditions. Paul Picot was determined to save the tradition of Swiss watchmaking and prevail through the times.

Paul Picot’s success through the hard times was thanks to his haute horology design, superior gold cases and automatic watch movements. This created a higher sense of luxury for customers. In the years to come Paul Picot’s more sporty models pushed the popularity of the company forward. The Diver watches and Chronograph watches were especially popular. Paul Picot has an Italian style to many of their watches despite their Swiss heritage. The Atelier line is highly collectible. Many Tourbillion watches are produced under the Atelier lines which have unique styles and a haute horology vibe.

Paul Picot is a brand that you can’t help but admire. Despite their rough beginning they came out as a diamond in the rough. They prevailed while much older companies were shutting down all around them. Their watches typically start in the $3,000 range.

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