Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch

Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch

What would be the most hyped watch news that you ever heard in your life? There are many such news items that were related to watches that you come to read from time to time. But, the Pebble e-paper smart watch is definitely a unique one of its kind. The concept of the watch itself generated a lot of hype and led eventually to get its production funded by the general population. Yes, this is the first crowd funded watch and it is a definite first one for a watch.

The concept of Pebble was originally created by Eric Migicovsky who found it impossible to gain sufficient financial support from venture capitalists to take his design in to commercial production. As such, he resorted to get his dream invention mass produced with the help of the general populace. He approached Kickstarter and made a project on this crowd funding platform. Within a short period of a month of the creation of the project, roughly 85000 people ordered for the watches. In fact, by paying $ 99 each, the first 200 people placed an order each for the $ 150 worth of watch. The remaining people placed orders by paying various higher amounts. This was the single most successful project in the history of Kickstarter and ended up netting around $ 10 million for the firm.

The watchmaker has announced that the Pebble watches would start their shipping on 23rd January 2013 and they are planning to create and ship 15000 of these watches every week.

What exactly is so unique about the watch? It is a watch that is very close to your iPod mini or eBook reader. In fact it uses e-paper screen which is typically seen in your eBook readers. In addition to telling time, the watch can do a variety of things. Another good thing about the watch is your ability to program the watch to do the things you want it to do. You can download apps to the watch and enjoy a variety of its features. These apps can provide you with the tasks related to your need for that particular moment. For example, while cycling, the Pebble can provide you information like the speed at which you are going, the calories consumed every second etc. among various other such aspects. During your golf game, you can use the watch to gauge the distance to the hole. Again, the watch display can change based on the light in the surroundings. It does have back light to assist you at night and dark places. Your pebble watch can connect to Bluetooth enabled gadgets like cell phone and display the information on the display screen. When an incoming call comes, you can see the caller’s name on the watch face. Again, you can read text messages on the watch.

The other features of the Pebble include the rechargeable battery that can last for a week at one go that can be charged using magnetically attaching USB cable, water resistance, antiglare optical coating and scratch resistance.

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