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Philip Stein

The Philip Stein watch company debuted in 2002. Since then it has gained incredible amounts
of popularity and media attention thanks to its innovative technology. Philip Stein doesn’t
simply produce stunning wristwatches. They integrate every wristwatch with a small metal disc
that restores a healthy and natural frequency to your body. Scientists believe that our bodies
have a naturally tuned frequency for optimal health. Most people suffer from stress, anxiety,
lack of sleep, poor diets and many other issues that can ruin the body’s natural frequency.
Philip Stein products help to restore this frequency simply while you wear the watch.

Philip Stein doesn’t just create fabulous wristwatches for both men and women. They also
produce stunning fine jewelry and a new Sleep Bracelet that are also infused with frequencies.
The Sleep Bracelet is made specifically for promoting sleep. Owners are instructed to wear the
bracelet for 15 minutes before bed time. It supposedly relaxes you and helps you fall asleep
sooner and stay asleep longer. Philip Stein wristwatches are beautifully crafted and come with
useful functions. There are many different styles to choose from that will suit all lifestyles. Their
lines of active watches are especially exquisite. All of them feature a matte, rubber strap that
looks rather elegant. Their Chronograph wristwatch comes in a beautiful rose gold case and is
10 ATM water resistant.

The Philip Stein Signature collection is most favored by individuals who travel a lot. It is
available in countless styles and three different sizes. It features a long, rectangular case with
a dual time zone display. Philip Stein wristwatches aren’t just stylish; they’re good for your
health. If you haven’t tried a natural frequencies wrist watch you don’t know what you’re
missing out on. Most owners have reported improved energy, sleep, and well-being. With
prices starting at just $600 anyone can afford a luxury wristwatch with health benefits.

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