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Photographs of the Ballets Russes at the Museum of Russian Icons

Have you ever thought of why people love ballet? This, at first glance, queer question has been answered in the most imaginative ways. However, the linking bridge between these answers is always the paramount moment in the performance when ballet dancers stop the time and let spectators capture the culmination of the choreography. Although the ballet is all about gradual and rapid moves, there is another side that transforms the dynamic nature of dance into the static nature of photography. Are you already excited? Then, the ongoing exhibition at the Museum of Russian Icons will make your heart fizz with delight even more.

Photographs of the Ballets Russes at the Museum of Russian Icons

Emil Hoppe: Photographs of the Ballets Russes

What similarity can you find between photography and ballet? John Ellis Browlt and Graham Howe know how to respond to this question. Being the initiators and curators of the exhibition, they have presented a series of unique works by the fabulous photographer Emil Hoppe, featuring the extraordinary beauty of the Ballets Russes. The exhibit runs at the Museum of Russian Icons through March 8, 2020.

The Ballets Russes underwent a revolution in the world of dance. Established by the impresario Sergei Diaghilev, this global ballet company was one of the most successful inventions of the time, which changed the course of the ballet development forever. Many outstanding figures, such as composers Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky, artist Pablo Picasso, and costume designer Coco Chanel, teamed up to create something unparalleled for the Ballets Russes. The thing that remained to be done was saving the memory of the triumph, and that task was entrusted to Emil Hoppe.

Emil Hoppe was one of the first pioneers in the photographic art. This German-born British portrait master created dozens of photo collections, one of which we now have a chance to witness at the Museum of Russian Icons. Using his professionalism and artistic imagination, Hoppe managed to construct a time machine that takes us back to the outset of the 19th century, when he was working with the champions of the fascinating ballet company.

The Museum of Russian Icons gives art lovers an excellent chance to see and enjoy the Ballets Russes in all its glory. Here you can find the set of chronological photos devoted to the ballet dancers of the company, its establisher Sergei Diaghilev, and people who were close to them. It is a lively history told in vivid detail by the true master. Do not wait and take your chances – one of the best museum exhibitions is waiting for you!

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