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Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Ultra-Thin

Piaget continues to push their watchmaking skills that will change the way we look at wristwatches. The Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Ultra-Thin wristwatch is the thinnest watch in the world yet doesn’t sacrifice quality for being ground breaking. Piaget has been producing some of the thinnest watches known to the industry since 1959.

This watch rests just 5.34mm high on the wrist and contains a calibre that is only 2.40mm thick. A slender 38mm Altiplano watch case made in white gold has been created to house the Calibre 1200S skeleton movement. This keeps the thin proportions of the watch in complete balance. This timepiece has literally had the bridges and plates removed to keep only the important parts. It even uses a micro rotor. The Skeleton Ultra-Thin has kept only the basics required to keep a watch ticking. Yet it has also combined the highest quality parts necessary to produce a watch half the size of others on the market going strong.  Piaget spent years researching and developing prototypes of these ultra-thin parts before releasing the finished product to the public.

The 1200 calibre is literally a bare bones network. Many modifications were made to make sure it was the absolute thinnest it could be. It is also decorate with several different techniques finished by hand such as sunray brushing, sandblasting, and hand-beveling. The black, platinum micro-rotor has Piaget’s coat of arms etched on.  A thin black alligator strap pulls the look of this piece together. A major benefit of owning an Ultra-Thin model is the superb level of comfort on the wearer. It’s incredibly thinner compared to other watches and lightweight. For those with wrist pain this would be an ideal watch. The Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Ultra-Thin wristwatch has proven how far watch technology has come and sets a new standard in the watchmaking industry.

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