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Pierre Kunz

Pierre Kunz is a master horologer with a self-titled line of stunning wristwatches. He has been in the watchmaking industry for over 20 years. Kunz lives in Bern, Switzerland which is also where he creates his masterpieces. He graduated from the prestigious Vallee de Joux Watchmaking School and soon after began working for Piaget. He created complications for many years at Piaget. He spent time restoring antique clocks before creating complications for other prestigious brands.

Kunz was approached by Franck Muller and offered the opportunity to create his own line of
watches. Pierre Kunz line was launched and became successful very quickly. Kunz is a man who doesn’t have a hundred year old watch company who was able to earn success by his brilliance and skill alone. He specializes in creating men’s luxury wristwatches of the most incredible personality. He creates dress watches, specialty sports watches, chronographs and even haute horology.

Pierre Kunz wristwatches are made with the finest quality Swiss watchmaking and are of the
upmost style. They are intricate works of art. Unique, individual and one of a kind do not seem to do this brand justice. The Insanity wristwatch, for example, is so unqiue that you will never find a similar style. It’s also incredibly limited in quantity and valuable to any serious collection.

Pierre Kunz has taken over the haute horology industry. His high-end luxury wristwatches
cannot be compared to anything else which really sets this brand apart from others. For the
highest quality, most unique wristwatch and for a piece that truly makes a statement, check out Pierre Kunz.

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