A Pimped out Lunatic iPod Nano

ZShock Lunatic – A Case for iPad Nano

luxury lifestyle - iPod NanoApple computers and Steve Jobs rocked the world with the introduction of their iPod line of music players. Ever since these music players emerged on to the scene, there was a new perception in the way the world listened to music. Later, Apple continued to expand in to various other products like iTunes, iPhones, iPads etc. to become the most valuable corporation on the planet.

How would you like a pimped out version of the Lunatic iPod Nano on your wrists?
ZShock Lunatic iPod Nano CaseThis is exactly what ZShock ventured out to accomplish. They were quite impressed by the Lunatic iPod Nano Case that became a huge success through their Kickstarter project. Lunatic came out with a strap that can convert the 6th generation iPod Nano in to a hip wrist watch. The square shape of this particular Nano helped them to easily convert it in to a wrist watch. In fact, their project was the biggest success on Kickstarter until that time. Now, ZShock took a step further ahead and converted it in to a really impressive one among diamond watches for women. The pimped up ZShock Lunatic iPod Nano case is definitely going to impress those who love diamond watches for women.

ZShock takes the task of pimping up the Lunatic iPod Nano’s white gold case with lots of seriousness. They selected the right quality diamonds to impress their clientele. The actual process of setting the diamonds on to the Lunatic iPod Nano case can take as much as a month’s time. The time consuming process is painstakingly accomplished by hands so as to ensure utmost perfection for the unique product created for the people who love diamond watches for women.

The end product is a fine accomplishment that has the finesse of a product from a premier jeweler. Those who love jewelry and diamond watches for women are going to be bowled over by the bling quotient of the ZShock Lunatic iPod Nano watch case.

IPods were the favorite accessory of the nerdy crowd. But, they may not love diamonds. Even those who love diamonds may not love the sight of these precious stones on their watch. But, diamond watches for women are loved by the fairer sex.  They will definitely find a way to get their hands on this pimped out diamond encrusted wrist gear.

As diamonds are involved, the price of this iPod Nano watch is going to be a bit high. The price starts from $18,000. As ZShock provides you a few choices on the metal of the iPod Nano case, and the type, color and clarity of the diamonds to be used, the price can differ with your specifications.

ZShock Lunatic – A Case for iPad Nano

Unlike the very reasonable and affordable price of Apple’s gadgets, the ZShock gadgets come with a hefty price tag that takes it beyond the reach of many iPod users.

As bling is not for everyone, some people are definitely going to hate the ZShock Lunatic iPod Nano and the bling factor associated with it. Hopefully, ZShock will find enough female clientele who love diamond watches for women to purchase this wrist gear.

Is this the only attempt on the part of ZShock to add bling to the common gadgets used by American nerds? No, the firm is involved in pimping up various other gadgets like cell phones, cell phone accessories, jewelry, iPhones, iPads etc. Some of them are already quite popular with the hip hop crowd who loves to flash their jewelry.