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Piredda & Sottil

Piredda & Sottil is a luxury watch company. Their wristwatches are extremely difficult to come by. Many aspects of this company make it highly collectible. First, the brand hasn’t skyrocketed in the U.S quite yet. This makes Piredda & Sottil wristwatches incredibly unique if you happen to live in the Americas. Second, they specialize in limited edition collections of mainly men’s wristwatches. Last, but surely not least, Piredda & Sottil wristwatches feature diamond embellishments and other fine materials.

It’s interesting to point that Piredda & Sottil wristwatches are in the low-range luxury pricing. Pricing typically begins in the $2,000 range. Piredda & Sottil boast Italian style with quality Swiss parts. Many of their wristwatches feature automatic movements and chronograph function. They feature classic styles combined with modern accents such as oversized dial hands, precious gem embellishment, and unique color schemes. Piredda & Sottil chronograph wristwatches usually feature a transparent back which allows you to see the inner parts of the watch working their magic. They are also engraved for proof of authenticity.

Piredda & Sottil creates luxurious wristwatches for dressy occasions. Their watches are sure to gain attention as well as the obscurity of their name. For an outstanding wristwatch with undeniable quality and style, check out Piredda & Sottil.

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