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Pocket Watch Ivory Enamel by Jaquet Droz

As pocket watches have an old world charm associated with them, they are still valued by watch aficionados from around the globe. They do not purchase these watches for regular use. You may not have seen anyone using them in decades. But, these stylish watches are still beings created in limited numbers. Jaquet Droz is still creating these watches and is impressive with the latest model named the Pocket Watch Ivory Enamel. The watch is an attempt on the creator’s part to take you back to the initial days of watch making and to feel the ambiance of those old days.

The normal looking round case of this pocket watch may not excite you. Then, this is the traditional shape of these watches and usually goes with the pendant, bow and crown. The 50mm case protects the hand-wound, Jaquet Droz 2615 mechanical movement system. The timepiece has sufficient power to last 40 hours and is in line with other devices of this type. The 18ct yellow gold used for the creation of the watch is the major attraction of the model. This golden touch from the past is adding a touch of royalty to this model. The case-back has a unique, hand engraved, serial number and Jaquet Droz signature to add to its elegance. The use of the watch maker’s secret signature, the cloverleaf and the use of the Guilloché decoration are the other salient features of the model.

The watch maker has made a slight deviation from the traditional pocket watch design. You will notice two sub-dials, one to denote hour and minute with Roman letters and the other to denote the seconds. The former is smaller in size and the latter comparatively bigger. Of course, this cannot be considered as a huge change from tradition. But, this slight design change is able to garner more attention to the model than its compatriots. The golden yellow shade used on the hands gels perfectly with the ivory and black shades existing on the dial. This is not the first time they are attempting this design. We have seen it in the past in another model named Grande Seconde and they are able to pull the design off again. The Ivory Grand Feu enamel used on the dial is able to provide the watch with that unique classic feel.

The chain is a quintessential aspect of any pocket watch. Here, the watch maker opted for an 18ct gold chain to sync with the dial. And the combination is working its magic on the model. Those of you like the classic golden look are going to be enchanted by the aesthetic use of the shade on the pocket watch. It is going to work with your best suit to improve your stature at any event that you may attend. This Jaquet Droz creation is going to suit any occasion and you need not worry about the trends of the times.

Some of you may have second thoughts on the desirability of pocket watches. But, no one can dispute their place in history. They are a representation of the huge advances that humanity has made in the watch making sector. Of course, those were a different era, with a different philosophy. Still, you can never know whether these watches are going to come back or not. They may or may not come back. But, they certainly ruled the watch industry in their hay days.

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