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Porsche Design

Porsche Design is a high end luxury goods company that specializes in creating men’s products. Wristwatches are just one of the many accessories they make. Porsche Design has been creating stunning wristwatches for more than 30 years. They specialize in chronographs that are known for their accuracy. The company prides itself on continuing to encourage watch innovations and technology through research and creating prototypes.

Porsche is most famous for their luxury automobiles. They have a cult following of auto
enthusiasts. Their wristwatches reflect the style of their vehicles; they are sleek, stylish,
luxurious, and reliable. Many of the available watch models have a motorsport look to them
and are highly collectible. Porsche Design has also collaborated with other luxury watchmakers over the years producing limited edition time pieces that are sought out by collectors. Currently there are five men’s watches to choose from with different color and material options. They are the Heritage, Indicator, Performance, Dashboard, and the Flat Six series. Porsche Design has a wristwatch for every occasion ranging from dress to sport.

Porsche Design wristwatches are made with the same spirit that the Porsche vehicles are
made with. These watches are luxurious, accurate, reliable, sleek, and oh so stylish. Automobile enthusiasts will find the Porsche Design watch line to be a fine addition to their collection. The wristwatches start in the mid-range luxury pricing and are backed by a warranty.

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