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Rado is a luxury Swiss watch company founded in 1957, but was technically founded in 1910
as a clockwork company by Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup under the name Schlup and Co.
Headquartered in Lengnau, Switzerland; they are noted for their application of scratch-proof materials, a category in which they are considered to have impacted profoundly. The staff of about 470 individuals produces about half a million watches per year, obtainable in over 150 countries but primarily circulating through Asia, the U.S.A., Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.
Rado began producing watch movements but have grown into their own brand. Their first
collection was released in 1957. In 1962 the Rado Diastar (the world’s first scratch-proof watch) became available, and hasn’t ceased production to this day.

Rado makes innovative use of high tech materials through precise design. They focus on
streamlining the incorporation of tungsten, titanium-carbide, ceramics, sapphire crystal, and lanthanum in watches. The Guinness Book of World Records has certified Rado as the creator of the hardest watch on Earth; the V10K. Credit belongs specifically to a
‘high-tech diamond” within the watch, created by the transformation of carbon into a Nano
crystalline diamond which achieved a Vickers hardness number of 10,000.

New Rado watches strive towards being aesthetically unique. Such a goal can be perceived as
having been succeeded based on the company’s receipt of over twenty elite international design awards including the RED DOT and iF Design Award. Aside from past achievements, proof of their accelerating momentum is evident through their recent cooperation with Jasper Morrison on a project that aims to produce a watch box that simulates the shape of one’s wrist. If you are seeking a luxury wristwatch with proven quality and strength, check out Rado wristwatches.

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