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Refined Hardware Launches the Harbinger Watch

Human beings are social animals who love to live in the company of their family members, people who live in their neighborhood, colleagues who work with them at day jobs, people who pray with them at church etc. Still, many of these people have individual traits that are exclusive to them. Some of them may have their own individual abilities that are not possessed by anyone else in the world. They may have their own aspirations to create something specific in their lives. At least the ability to create a watch of their own with a personalized character can add to their personal growth.

In this time, it is next to impossible to gain a customized watch with unique traits that are close to a single individual. Most mass produced watches look the same like thousands that are manufactured out of Chinese factories. In such a tough situation, ‘the Harbinger’ from Refined Hardware is a real exception.

Refined Hardware Watch Makers is a Los Angeles based firm that creates handsome watches for the 21st century man. The mechanical watches from their stable are able to provide much more than what you expect from a luxury watch for men. This California based watch maker provides certain watches based on customer order and preferences exclusively for them. The industrial design watches from the firm are favorites of their beloved customers. ‘The Harbinger’ is the latest watch edition from the brand to hit the market.

What exactly can you expect to see in the Harbinger edition watch? Basically, this watch is built on titanium used in airplanes, raw unpolished steel and American alligator skin! They are awaiting the patent on the cage like case and organic spring bar they have developed for the skeletonized watch movement used in the Harbinger. The laser engraved sapphire crystals used on the front and case back of the watch adds to the exquisite nature of the watch. One key aspect of the model is that they will only create the watches as per order from customers. Each watch will be created by a single craftsman and the watch will be specifically addressed towards the buyer and his or her needs.

There are two versions of Harbinger for you to choose from. One of them is the standard version and the other one is custom built model.

Refined Hardware has already started accepting orders for The Project 1 Harbinger Edition in November 2012. Again, they will ship out the first one of these watches within the very same month itself. They are creating only 125 pieces in this limited edition watch and roughly half of them are already sold. Another great offer awaiting the people who purchase the Harbinger is in the form of discounts that they will gain on all future watches from the watch maker.

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