Remy Cruz Launches RSC Chronometer

Remy Cruz Launches RSC Chronometer

Remy Cruz International, the Brussels, Belgium-based independent atelier of haute horlogerie, introduced its long-awaited Rébellion Sauvage (RS) “C” line of watches on Wednesday, June, 18. The new watch, which is available immediately in limited quantities, represents Remy Cruz’s second major debut of the year.

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Following the March 2014 debut of the Remy Cruz RS, the new RSC represents a second model within the audacious lineup. Whereas the original RS features transparent polycarbonate discs bearing printed facsimiles of hands, the RSC – “C” being short for “conventional hands” – incorporates a more traditional system of indication. The new watch’s cathedral-style hands are described by the manufacturer as reminiscent of the 1920s cathedral hands popularized by pocket watches and early wristwatch designs.

Behind the revised hands lies the same cutting-edge style that set the original RS apart from the pack. An elaborate hour track with distinctive chartouché cut pattern in 18-karat white or rose gold stands in dramatic relief against the light tones of the fired enamel dial. Accents of red provide striking contrast, and the segmented cathedral hands are coated with C5-grade luminova for visibility at night.

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Inside the RSC, a Technotime TT738 automatic movement provides a robust and precise timekeeper. Each movement is a COSC-certified Swiss Chronometer, and the power reserve combines two mainspring barrels in series to yield an outstanding autonomy of 120 hours. The movement, which operates at the industry standard 4hz, is constructed and finished expressly for Remy Cruz by Technotime’s Swiss workshops.

While Technotime SA is a smaller player in the emerging Swiss movement supply industry, the company is an accomplished veteran of high-end watchmaking. Technotime’s podium finish in the 2011 International Chronometry Competition (alongside Greubel-Forsey and Chopard) assures customers that Remy Cruz movements boast an outstanding pedigree.

A grade-five titanium case protects the movement and dial. The case incorporates a display back but maintains an admirable 10 ATM (100 meter) water resistance rating. The case measures 40 mm across and 50 mm from lug to lug. However, the RS line is designed to wear well on most wrists; Remy Cruz notes that it collaborated with a medical device specialist in order to ensure maximum ergonomic quality for the case-to-wrist interface. A Jericho-style leather strap with contrasting stich color completes the package.

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Remy Cruz notes that customers of the RS line are able to choose from a wide array of strap stitch colors, dial surround materials, case PVD coatings, and may even opt to receive a personalized COSC certificate bearing the owner’s name and the serial number of the movement as delivered. Early deposits can secure specific numbers in the serial sequence for the sake of superstition, personal preference, or themed collections. The current RS and RSC are available in limited series comprising 99 units of each model.

With this release, independent watch brands continue to raise their profile on the premium timepiece market in 2014. Remy Cruz insists that its recent success with the RS line marks only the beginning of a product offensive that is scheduled to add tourbillon and GMT models in the near future.