The Richard Mille RM027 – One of the top ten coolest watches of Geneva Watch Show 2013 selected by Forbes magazine

Richard Mille RM027

Richard Mille is a leading maker of luxury watches whose creations resonated with the tastes of watch lovers from all parts of the world. Rafael Nadal is equally promising in his chosen field of activity: professional tennis. When a partnership between these two is formed, it is bound to create history. In fact, their collaboration resulted in one of the finest watches of the year. This fact is approved by Forbes magazine by including this watch among the ten best watches presented at the Geneva Watch Show 2013. One of the notable features of the watch is its lightweight nature. If you were not aware of this fact already, it is the lightest mechanical watch ever created in any part of the world. The RM027 has a lot more going to it than its light weight nature.

Watch lovers as well as tennis aficionados noticed the wrist watch worn by Rafael Nadal during the hard fought matches of the past couple of years. This was a very good time for this tennis player where he won many matches and even tournaments. The most noteworthy aspect of his wins is the seventh consecutive French Open title that he won in last June. The fact that the watch run smoothly during this entire phase of two years of time without any glitches is in itself a tribute to the watchmaker’s technique and dedication towards his craft. The intense rigors of the matches did not affect the accuracy or stability of the watch. It was able to stretch along with the extremely flexible and athletic body of the tennis super star.

When you look at the intricate mechanisms and complications incorporated in to the watch, you would find it impossible to believe that it is the lightest mechanical watch on the planet, or it could be a light weight watch at all! Still, this watch is able to withstand the rough and tough journeys undertaken by international sporting greats who compete at the highest level.

Richard Mille crafted this durable light weight luxury watch by the optimal use of the right materials. Carbon composite is used for the creation of the case and it gels perfectly with the polycarbonate strap known for its agility. It has the ability to face any fiercely hit tennis balls that come its way and also provide the athlete to engage in his favorite sporting activity without any restrictions. The 48 mm case of the RM027 employs a deployment clasp to secure the watch on your wrists. The durability of the watch is made visible in the form of screws clearly seen on the crown.

If you can afford the extremely high price tag of $ 690,000, you can become a proud owner of this Richard Mille creation. Its association with the tennis celebrity and the unique design aesthetics helped it to become one of the most sought after watches of the year. Forbes magazine acknowledged this matter by including the RM027 among the finest ten watches of 2013.

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