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Richard Mille RM033 Extra Flat Automatic Watch

Richard Mille’s RM033 Extra Flat Automatic wristwatch debuted in 2011. At first it didn’t gain much media or public attention yet now a year later it is making its mark.  This wristwatch has been received with great enthusiasm for its distinctive tonneau-shaped case, an exposed three dimensional movement, and extra flat shape. The inspiration behind this watch is a race car. In fact, it has the structure that you can find inside a Ferrari Formula 1 race car engine. Richard Mille captured the Ferrari’s shape and styling and put it onto a wristwatch.

The time-only RM033 will satisfy collectors and motorsport fans alike. It was coined by no other than Audemars Piguet’s Renaud et Papi division to Richard Mille’s specifications. Basically this watch has the highest quality and level of watchmaking and a traditional hand decoration and finish. It also incorporates Richard Mille’s groundbreaking use of titanium, a new material in the watchmaking world. This watch is also technologically superior. It has superior ergonomics, modular construction, and built-in shock absorption, just to name a few of the advancements you’ll find in this piece.

The RM033 has proven that luxury watches don’t need to be heavy and treated delicately. Richard Mille advises customers to use the watch for sports. This is a strange notion in the luxury watch world as most companies advise the exact opposite. Famous athletes have been seen sporting the RM033 and it even survived a Ferrari crash in a race. This light-weight architecturally superior timepiece surly is tough. The watch is curved in such a way that isn’t only stylish and unique but also makes it more comfortable on the wrist. A lightweight, durable rubber strap secured by a spring-loaded deployant clasp (which is the best method in horology) combined with an ultra-lightweight titanium movement and case make this watch incredibly comfortable. A sapphire crystal dial coated with anti-glare treatment allows complete visibility at all times and helps to hide scratches and imperfections. The intricate architecture can be seen clearly at all times.

Overall Richard Mille has truly created a masterpiece in a wristwatch. The RM033 is tough, groundbreaking, and inspired by a Ferrari F-1. If you’re looking for a watch that can handle sports while still being technologically advanced and incredibly stylish check out the RM033.

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