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Richard Mille RM053 Pablo MacDonough

You could be chilling out in the company of some of your extremely rich friends or family members. When you wish to check the time out, you have to look at your watch. In that particular occasion, just any other watch would not be sufficient. You need a unique luxury watch that says that you belong with your wealthy companions. RM053 from the house of Richard Mille is created exclusively for such occasions. This watch is beyond the reach of an average Joe and is the right watch for these situations.

The sole purpose behind the creation of RM053 is not to showcase the financial might of its owner. But, this Richard Mille creation costs you a whopping $580,000 and you cannot ignore this aspect of the model completely. The ambassadors of this luxury watch like Rafael Nadal and Yohan Blake are seen wearing this stylish watch at the peak of their games. This is exactly how Richard Mille likes to showcase his product to the world. The latest wrist to wear this stunning piece of luxury is the famous Argentinian polo player Pablo MacDonough who is being associated with the brand for the last one year.

Most watches would find it hard to survive a sporting avenue like a polo field where the various flying objects are likely to damage its sapphire crystal. Jaeger-LeCoultre came up with an original solution for this problem by just reversing the watch dial and thus protecting the sapphire crystal. Thus arrived the Reverso collection. Richard Mille does not like to follow someone else and came up with an ingenious design of his own.

The end result of the effort is a much more solid case made with more metal than crystal. The futuristic design incorporating ultra-light titanium and super hard titanium carbide coating was able to provide the case with additional durability and strength. The complex operational aspects of this model can withstand the sarcasm on any one’s part.

The first task the Richard Mille engineers had to overcome was to create a manually wound tourbillon capable of withstanding the rigors of an aggressive game like polo. Richard MacDonough does get a fair share of hits on his wrists during the game and need extra protection for his watches. His buddies are likely to check out his watch to see if the tall claims he makes in the endorsements are true. The engineers were assigned the task of creating a structurally sound watch movement to withstand all these challenges. Finally, they came up with a movement that boasts of a skeletonized baseplate as well as bridges made with grade 5 titanium kept together with spline screws. The perfection of the engineering makes the movement act like it is a single piece.

The RM053 has a couple of dials set on its face towards the bottom. One of these small dials is responsible for showing the hour and minute while the second one is responsible for showing the second. Of course, RM is definitely going to use a tourbillon, and it is a stylish tourbillon for the small seconds dial. A watchmaker of RM’s caliber cannot be expected to create anything less than this! In order to protect the sapphire crystals from any projectiles that may arrive in its direction at the sporting arena, they are set in a recessed position in to the dial cutouts. The craftsmanship of the watch maker ensures that the visibility of the watch dial is not at all compromised.

You are unlikely to see anything this small from the house of Richard Mille again. Still, due to the simple design aesthetics followed in its creation, the watch is pretty easy on your eyes to know the time.

Only 15 of this limited edition luxury watch are available and that too with rubber straps alone. It is available at a rather high price of $580,000

Richard Mille is always on the lookout for the very next sport star to wear his creations while they are playing at the world’s best avenues. He is striving hard to put a tourbillon on the wrist of these top class athletes while they are watched and admired by the millions of their fans. The next watch from his stable might be targeted at a swimmer of the caliber of Michael Phelps. As Michael has already announced his retirement, RM may wait until the next swimming super star arrives on the horizon.

Learn more about RM from the official Richard Mille website.

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