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Roamer is a Swiss watch brand with a deep rooted history in watchmaking. They
have been crafting luxury time pieces for 120 years. The company was founded
by Fritz Meyer in 1888 in Solothum, Switzerland. Originally Roamer created
watch parts, mainly escapements for cylinder watches. In 1904 Meyer partnered
with Johann Studeli and began producing wristwatches under the name Meyer and

Their reputation and popularity grew at a fast pace. By 1923 Meyer and Studeli
were producing one million watches. The Roamer brand was saved for Meyer
and Studeli’s most luxurious watches. In 1952 Roamer became the official brand
name. In 1953 Roamer launched production of an Anfibio watertight watch case.
Needless to say their popularity soared as the public and watchmakers alike found
the watertight casing incredibly useful. Roamer’s TrekkMaster series has gained
a following for its innovative design and function. It is an outdoor sports watch
series introduced in 2011.

Roamer creates practical wristwatches for all occasions. Women particularly
will be fond of the Dreamline series which features ethereal styling, mother of
pearl and light, gentle color schemes. Men have many available models to choose
from. Prices start in the low-end range of just $300. For a quality brand with a rich
heritage in watchmaking don’t hesitate to check out Roamer wristwatches.

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