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Armed Robbers Steal £1,000,000 in Watches

On Wednesday, September 19th, that’s exactly what happened in a British department store called Selfridges. During business hours, while the staff and customers alike looked on, masked men came in with crowbars and shattered the glass display cases, then stole over $800,000 (possibly even more than a million) worth of luxury watches made by brands like Hublot, Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier. After they tossed their carefully yet quickly selected watches into a duffel bag, they left, leaving witnesses stunned.

The three robbers appear to have thought the heist out very well. They were in and out in a little over 60 seconds. Any faster and Nicolas Cage would star in a movie about them! After selecting their watches and running out the door, they escaped in a black Mercedes Benz driven by a fourth man. The whole thing seems to have been executed with extreme care, except for one thing. Being luxury watches, the items they stole are quite distinguishable in appearance and even have serial numbers. Police have alerted citizens (and shoppers) to be on the lookout for any mysteriously low-priced watches that might have been picked up in this heist. There is, of course, some possibility that the men who stole the timepieces have considered this and have a plan for getting around their traceability.

As for whoever committed this crime and what their plans are for the items they stole, the police are hard at work trying to uncover more information.

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