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Robert Lighton

Robert Lighton is a young watch brand based in New York. It was founded in 2002
by Robert Lighton who is an award winning furniture designer and avid watch
collector. He decided to start a high-end luxury watch line because of his passion
for time pieces and design.

Robert Lighton wristwatches carry the spirit of New York. All aspects of New
York are represented in the design and aesthetic appeal of the watches. There
are five current collections that are named after aspects of New York. All of the
watches are Swiss made ensuring top quality and feature Soprod movements.
Needless to say most of the watches are also automatic. Robert Lighton provides
models for both genders in a variety of styles to fit any taste. The writwatches
have a very modern, sophisticated look. Unfortunately in 2008 Robert Libghton
announced he was ending his venture in watchmaking and has drastically cut
prices on all his wristwatches. He is focusing more on his furniture design but had
a great run in horology. The brand gained quite a bit of popularity while it was in

Robert Lighton wristwatches are still sought out by collectors and individuals
seeking a fantastic price for a luxury watch. Many of the models are collectible
because not only are they considered limited edition because the brand is no longer
in business, but also the unqiue aesthetic appeal. With prices starting around
$1,000 these wristwatches are mid-priced luxury. For a lovely wristwatch that you
will want to wear all the time, check out Robert Lighton wristwatches while they
are still available.

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