The Rolex Daytona and the TAG Heuer Carrera – Celebrating 50th Birthdays in 2013

The Rolex Daytona and the TAG Heuer Carrera

Watches are some among the most prominent gadgets that we use to denote time and to learn the passing of time. Hence, it is very appropriate to remember the aging of a watch. The birth days of well-known watches are days that must be celebrated with a lot of fervor and joy. Of course, the watch makers have to celebrate these occasions with a view to market their products. They use this occasion to sell these birthday babies and their new editions released specifically for the occasion.

Are there any watches that are turning any notable ages in the year 2013? Yes, of course. The Rolex Daytona and the TAG Heuer Carrera are turning 50 in this year. These stylish models from different watchmakers arrived on to the scene in the same year, fifty years back in time from the current year.

Do these watches have anything else in common? They are both sports watches and that is the only thing that their creators are likely to acknowledge as their common feature. But, these two models have a lot more in common than you know about them. In fact, they were both released in to the market around the same time, and were targeted towards the same niche of watch lovers.

As per the claims of each watch maker, Rolex and TAG, their model was responsible for the eventual creation of the racing chronograph of the present day. Each of them would love to attribute their model as the sole reason for the current scenario. Both of them have some valid points to be made in this direction. But, not everything that they claim is true.

When did the original Rolex Daytona and TAG Heuer Carrera were launched in to the market. Officially, they hit the market in the year 1964. But, a few pieces were leaked in to the market a year in advance in 1963 itself. Of course, there are some noteworthy differences between the models launched in these two years.

What can you expect from these watch makers on the anniversary occasion. There is no news from them so far. But, the Basel world show is about to start soon. And, if you don’t see any anniversary editions at the event, that would be a great surprise. It is highly likely that both Rolex and TAG must be coming up with something unique to surprise you at the event.

What can you expect in the anniversary special Rolex? As it is a Rolex, you are unlikely to see anything drastic. They are only going to make subtle changes in the design. The TAG Heuer version for the anniversary could be a bit more exciting for users like you.

Ceramic bezels are likely to be introduced for the anniversary version Daytona models. Another change could be in the color given for the dial. Green ceramic bezel, black and white sub dials etc. are some of the possible changes that you can expect to see in these models.

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