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Rolex is the New Formula 1 Official Timepiece

Recently, it was announced that Rolex has entered into a new partnership that reflects the firm’s commitment to sports. Starting in 2013, the brand will be the new official timekeeper of Formula 1. A Rolex watch will also be the official timepiece.

The brand’s involvement has already begun, and will increase as time goes on. For now, they will be showing the time at the races, in various spots. The Rolex logo will also be on display around the racetrack.

Rolex is also involved in other sports events, including other motorsports. The brand is also partnered with the Daytona Speedway, and they are some of the biggest sponsors for the races there. That’s not all. Rolex first became involved with automobile racing in the 30’s, and this didn’t disappoint. The sport helped Rolex get attention and acclaim, as famous racers, including the first person ever to drive a car at over 300 miles per hour, wore Rolex watches at these events.

For these reasons and more, the CEO of Rolex SA recently said that the brand is excited about this new partnership and considers it a natural fit.

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