Romain Gauthier Logical One Watch

Romain Gauthier Logical One Watch

Roman Gauthier is an independent watchmaker who made his mark in horology through some of his amazing creations. The Logical One is the latest beauty from his stable. This is one watch that is like an irresistible maiden whom married men will find extremely hard to stay away from. The logical watch would certainly force watch lovers to make illogical decisions!

Why is the name Logical One given to the watch? This watch movement is a logical extension to an already existing good watch movement with the aim of improving its performance even better. The watchmaker is making full use of his engineering background to alter the watch movement’s potential for the better.

Here, Mr. Gauthier is redoing the fusee and chain transmission system to transfer the power from the main spring to the other parts in a more efficient manner. You must be familiar with this system that reminds you of the bicycle chain system. They look pleasing on the watch, but are quite hard to create in their miniature versions. In normal cases, such mainsprings are likely to pass on a lot of force when they are fully wound, and are likely to pass a lot less force later. This would cause fluctuations in the accuracy of the watch. This risk is avoided by winding the chain on a conical shaped piece. This would help the main spring to release force in a unique manner. Thus, the watch will show accurate time when the spring is fully wound and even when it is about to run out of its reserve power.

In Gauthier’s version of the movement, the chain is shorter in length, a snail shaped cam is taking the place of the cone, has rubies added on to the chain and made it all visible on the dial. The use of ruby links reduces the need for lubrication. The watch was created with the aim of showcasing the design aesthetics of the snail and chain system on the dial and this is the single most impressive feature of the watch.

The watchmaker placed the mainspring barrel between sapphire crystals to reduce the need for lubrication, and thus the need for future maintenance needs. As lubricants are likely to accumulate on the watch and likely to ruin its perfection, timely service and maintenance can become necessary. By avoiding this aspect, the watchmaker is trying to save you time and money.

Gauthier is known for his hatred for winding watches with the help of the crown. Here, he uses a pusher at 9 O’ clock position to get the watch wound. All you need to do is keep on pushing at this pusher until the power reserve indicator shows it is full. The Logical One has its power reserve indicator on the case back. This pusher mechanism would be beneficial for people with big fingers who will find it hard to turn the tiny crowns in many modern watches.

Romain Gauthier Logical One is 43 mm X 14.2 mm in size, available in 18 caret red gold and platinum cases, has water resistance up to 50 meters and has a three day power reserve.

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