Romain Gauthier’s Comes up with Logical One

Romain Gauthier’s Comes up with Logical One

Romain Gauthier is a well-known luxury watch maker who always makes his moves in a very cautious manner. When he came up with the Logical One, it had all the elements that you expect in a watch from him. He came up with his prior watch collection in the year 2008. But, he was not being lazy or partying hard for the past five years. He did not lose his craft during this period of time. The latest creation from the watchmaker is ample proof for this fact. The new creation is a big, bad ass watch that would certainly be loved by watch collectors. Top of the line artistry as well as mechanics are visible in the watch.

The watchmaker is known for his affinity to work silently behind the scenes. Now, he put an end to all those years and came out with a stunner of a watch that would bowl critics over. The Logical One has elements of the past, present and the future incorporated aesthetically in to it and thus is going to make headlines in all major horologic publications.

This watch has classic elements like the fusée chain and traditional finishing, but has a bunch of modern complications to make it worth adding to the collection of all kinds of watch lovers. People who are learning the basics of watchmaking as well as those who are already experts in the field are going to love this creation in equal measure.

The force fusée chain system is the main attraction of the watch. This chain enables the watch movement to even out the torque applied on the take-up barrel, and thus provide more accurate time measurement. This system was originally created for large wall mounted clocks and is quite hard feature to be fitted in to the limited space of a wrist watch. Gauthier accomplished this tough task with finesse.

The watchmaker accomplished a lot more than just incorporating the fusée chain system in to the wrist watch. He made the creation look perfect on a wrist watch! This watch has a variety of unique features that keeps it apart from its compatriots. Hand finishing given to the surface, aesthetically assembled mechanics, stylish dials located on the fusée etc. are the main ones among them. The shades of colors used like the rose gold and that of classic leather add to the aura of the watch.

This watch is a significant point in the growth trajectory of its creator on to his deserved position as one of the notable watchmakers of the current times. It was the lack of finances that kept him away from engaging in his favorite activity during the last few years. During this time, Gauthier kept him busy by creating parts for other high end watchmakers.

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