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Rotary is a luxury Swiss watchmaking company with a rich heritage in horology. Its first location was in the famous La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and was founded by Moise Dreyfuss in 1895. Moise Dreyfuss was a dedicated and notable horologist. He aimed to create timeless elegance and class in all his time pieces. Rotary became famous thanks to his intricate dedication to style and quality.

Within 12 years of the founding date Rotary was able to expand an open a U.K based office.
In 1925 the company unveiled its now famous winged logo. After the First World War Teddy
Dreyfuss began developing the brand even more with marketing campaigns and top notch
advertising. In 1940 Rotary became the official watch supplier of the British army. With World War II coming up this created a dedicated following to Rotary wristwatches. In fact, practically every household in Britain had a Rotary watch. Rotary is still primarily a British company despite its Swiss manufacturing. It is also a member of the Federation of THE Swiss Watch Industry.

Rotary wristwatches are made with many price points. They have a wide array of movements from quality quartz to automatic so everyone can afford a luxury wristwatch. This is a classic brand offering mainly dress watches with elegant aesthetic appeal. With prices starting in the $100 range these wristwatches pack incredible value.

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