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RSW (Rama Swiss Watches) is a Swiss luxury watch brand that boasts incredible design. It has been in business for over 80 years. It began in 1914 in a small workshop dedicated to clock making. The founder, Mr. Marachly, dedicated himself to the art of horology. Now RSW is known for its Swiss-Middle Eastern fusion that creates impeccable, one of a kind style.

RSW creates wristwatches that stand out among the crowd. They truly are artistic in their
design. From custom case shapes to avante garde, RSW has a wristwatch that creative
individuals will admire. In 2001 RSW launched the Lady Liberty line. This line was dedicated to women and offers luxury jewelry and wristwatches with a feminine style. Their men’s models are of particular interest. They incorporate innovative design and one of a kind style. The Crossroads series, for example, boasts a split rectangular case with decorative material in the middle. It is available in many material options to fit any taste.

Mnay RSW models are highly collectible. The Puzzle line, introduced in the late 1990’s to
welcome the new millennium, featured a puzzle embossed bracelet style with a rectangular
watch. This was an instant hit with woman worldwide. The Wonderland woman’s series is a
new take on elegance. It has a custom made case covering the watch with spaces made into
it which allows the wearer to tell the time clearly. It is a courageous, statement piece that is
sure to gain attention. RSW wristwatches are high end with prices starting around $5,000.

The quality, unqiue style, and design creates incredible value for the price.

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