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Santos Demoiselle from Cartier

Nowadays Cartier is the French famous company that produces watches and jewelry. However in 1847 it was just a small ordinary jeweler workshop established by Louis-François Cartier. Twenty years after, in 1867 the products of Cartier were exposed at the World Fair in Paris. From this moment the popularity of the company began to rise. In 1888 the first watch was produced. In 1904 the grandson of the Cartier founder, Louis Cartier, created watch Santos – the model was named in honor of his well-known friend Alberto Santos-Dyumont. This model has brought a great success to the company.

Year after year Cartier continued to create new and new models of the watch, of such variety that it begins to make impression that it is a fantastic illusion from the magic world. Since 1906 the Cartier brand produced the watches with jewels. Exactly such a model is Ladies Cartier Santos Demoiselle 18K Gold Diamond Quartz Watch.

The Cartier name is embodiment of wealth, aspiration, of all that is the most finest in watch manufacturing. Santos Demoiselle is not an exception. This watch became one of the most recognizable brand models in the world.

In fact this model was a brand novelty of 2011. At once it attracted an attention of all the fans of magnificent models inlaid with jewels. The Cartier decided to pay a tribute to the well-known aeroplane called ”The Demoiselle’ on which Alberto Santos-Dumont flied. For this reason Santos Demoiselle model has gotten an elegance, energy and refinement. All these features will be especially pleasing for women with strong character.

The case of 18K yellow gold is inlaid with round brilliant-cut diamonds. The 18K yellow gold crown of octagonal form is also decorated with a white diamond. The sapphire glass protects the white dial with black Roman numbers and classical blue-steel minute and hour hands of a sword shape. Refined bracelet is also made of 18K yellow gold. Such classical but amazing and recognizable design allows watch to look fashionable and conservative at the same time. So Santos Demoiselle watch model is a great thing for all the socially active women and young girls…

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