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Sarpaneva Korona K0 Wuoksi Watch

Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva is known for his artistic watches. He has recently announced the release of his limited edition Korona K0 Wuoksi wristwatch. The design is, for the most part, based on Korona K0 wristwatch. The Wuoksi is more of an artistic watch for individuals seeking something incredibly different.

Sarpaneva was inspired by Finnish folklore. The story goes that an underwater creature known as Nakki stole the village smith’s daughters. The village smith devoted his time trying to get his daughters back. Eventually he created a machine that tracked the moon’s phases. This allowed him to determine when the tide was lowest. The word Wuoksi is a byproduct of this story. The word can mean either hide tide or for the sake of something. The Wuoksi wristwatch features a moon-phase complication. What’s really unique about this is that a set of folklore looking eyes is displayed at the 12 o’clock position on the face. The back of the watch is transparent with a skeleton dial so you can see the revolving evening sky disc in action. This rotates the eyes on the display. The watch comes in two different options. The first is a copper moon and stainless steel case while the other is an oxidized silver moon and stainless steel case. Both have DLC coated dials. The watch has a lot of craftsmanship on the face without looking cluttered. Hours are represented by circular white markers that are luminescent in the dark. Unique white and black outlined dials display hours, minutes, and seconds. Sarpaneva is engraved on a metal piece in the 6 o’clock position.

The copper finish is incredibly striking. The eyes of the moon phase movement are incredibly intense. For those wanting a more subtle look the black stainless steel option would be ideal. The Wuoksi wristwatch is an incredibly unique piece sure to draw attention. Each piece is handmade in Helsinki, Finland. Pricing starts at $12,400.

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