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Seiko Ananta Spring Drive GMT Watch

Some people are not be as excited about Seiko as about other watch brands, and this is often because they create so many electronic movements. However, Seiko does make some excellent mechanical movements. One fine example of innovation from Seiko is the spring drive, which is found on many of the brand’s most high-end watches such as the Grand Seiko. The Ananta series, which tends to run a little less expensive than other watches with this movement, has used the Spring Drive in the past, but the company has recently announced that they will no longer be putting this high-quality device in any other series but the Grand Seiko.

This watch is superb. The Spring Drive is one of the most accurate movements out there. Instead of the balance and escapement, this movement uses a mechanism that Seiko has dubbed the “tri-synchro regulator,” which has three different functions. It controls the mainspring, creates electricity, and generates a magnetic force that helps control the glide wheel. The company also had to develop a new alloy for the mainspring. All of these improvements make the watch highly accurate. It has a sweeping seconds hand that moves with perfect smoothness.

The watch looks great as well. The hour markers are slightly iridescent, a little bit like mother of pearl, but they are silver-colored instead of white. The silver dial is also slightly iridescent. There is a power supply indicator that stretches from about six o’clock to about nine o’clock. It runs from right to left (basically clockwise), which can be a little surprising at first, but it does make sense. There is a small window at three o’clock for the date.

The bezel is fixed and numbered to 24. The chapter ring has dots of lume in it just outside of each hour marker. The hands are also luminous, making the watch easy to read at night. The 46-millimeter case is steel, with part of it coated in polished black PVD. The look of this watch is distinctly different from many other brands, especially European ones. Seiko has its own flavor.

The Ananta Spring Drive GMT is a great watch, and considering the beauty of it and its movement, it is not too expensive a watch. It’s great for everyday wear, and its high accuracy lasts a while, so you don’t have to adjust it very often.

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