Shipping a Computer? Use This Headache-Preventing Instruction

Shipping a Computer? Use This Headache-Preventing Instruction

In the age of non-stop developing technologies, every one of us has a computer (laptop, tablet, etc.) in his/her home. In most cases, our computers store valuable information so when we experience major life changes and need to move, we, undoubtedly, cannot leave our precious possession behind. Shipping a computer is quite a challenge, yet it can be safely and adequately shipped even overseas.

The first thing you should think about is appropriate and accurate packaging of your device. Of course, it would be ideal if you saved the original box, in which you received your computer or laptop so that you can easily reuse and improve it for further computer shipping. Nevertheless, if an original package is not an option, there are some valuable tips you can follow to ship computer securely.

Shipping a Computer? Use This Headache-Preventing InstructionHow to pack a computer for shipment? Try to use this helpful instruction:

  1. Disconnect all the parts of your device, including cables and accessories like mouse and keyboard. Make sure the wires are not tangled during transportation and are put into a separate small box.
  2. The more modernized your PC is, the bigger chance is that your video card is heavy and thus can be damaged or damage the other parts of your computer. Remove it from the device, pack it safely and ship it with the computer, not inside of it.
  3. Now it is time to wrap each critical part of your computer separately – this will guarantee their better protection. Use one of the most used materials for shipping a computer – bubble wrap. Cover every part of your precious PC with 3-4 inches of this practical cushioning material.
  4. Put the wrapped computer parts into the stable, sturdy box that is a bit larger than your device and its accessories. Then you will be able to fix your computer with some additional air-cellular cushioning material – this way, you can ship computer internationally or across the state while being entirely sure in its intactness and safety. Thus, shipping a computer can be easy due to the proper packing.
  5. In case you need more boxes for other essential parts of your PC, follow the same steps as the above to provide them with an accurate package. After that, put all the packed boxes for computer shipping, again ensuring that there is no open space between them. Use bubble wrap or any other cushioning material for fixing them tight.
  6. Now close and seal the large main box precisely with packaging tape – 3-4 strips will be enough.

Shipping a Computer? Use This Headache-Preventing Instruction

After you managed to provide your computer with the appropriate package, move on to the next step of shipping a computer – choosing decent shipping service. You can search for the most reliable logistics organizations online and learn everything about their shipping methods, prices, etc. Luckily, they offer various transportation services – you can ship paintings or furnishings with their assistance.

Do not forget to indicate all-important shipping preferences when conducting computer shipping, such as the way of payment and destination of your precious item.

Indeed, you can also address to the local (or international) postal service, but it is advisable to use the help of experienced items movers. Most trusted shipping organizations also offer at-home pickup and other handy features.