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Simon Mosheshvili and His Story of Effective Entrepreneurship

Simon MosheshviliAlongside his undeniably fruitful corporate career, Simon Mosheshvili (born March 22, 1975) – an accomplished businessperson, philanthropist, and certified specialist in various segments of information technology – has built and managed plenty of innovation enterprises coupled with socioeconomically and ecologically advanced ventures.

Since 2014, Simon Mosheshvili has handled a whole host of dealings in the paid parking industry, applying his sound knowledge and extensive experience in the technology space to suggest a product that is becoming more and more industrial and service-oriented in its essence. It is urgently needed as a complex solution for maneuverability in a range of developing States of the Latin American Group.

Through his useful connections in the sphere of metered parking, Simon Mosheshvili has assigned a particular group of financial investors and strategic contributors, including the major paid parking operator in Mexico City (Mexico), which offers over 20,000 parking spots. Another vital investor that Mr. Mosheshvili managed to bring to the initiative is a French producer and supplier of metered parking equipment and related services. The latter represents the world’s most significant exclusive provider of all parking meters in New York.

Proving his impressive diplomatic and leadership skills, Simon Mosheshvili has caused syndicates to enter into cooperation with local financial contributors in a vast number of countries, including Guyana, where he helped with the foundation of Smart City Solutions, Inc. This company was opened to serve as the concession holder, carrying out and maintaining the first of its kind paid parking project for more than 7,000 parking places – GeoPark – in the capital of Guyana, Georgetown.

Simon Mosheshvili and His Story of Effective Entrepreneurship

Continuing the story of successful partnerships of Simon Mosheshvili, it is impossible not to mention his collaboration with local investors in Peru in 2016 on the same issue of metered parking. To launch an experimental project of paid parking on the Peruvian capital streets, Mr. Mosheshvili designed a “pioneering” platform based on post-paid principles, which would comply with the legislative parameters of the services allowed to be provided in Lima.

For the present, Simon Mosheshvili is passionately leading a realm of participants in actual tenders for metered parking in the Latin American territory. Besides that, he is increasing public awareness of the safety of traffic and pedestrians, economic progress, and ecological stability in numerous cities in the area.

Undoubtedly, the entrepreneurial track record of Simon Mosheshvili does not end with the abovementioned achievements. Moreover, it continues to expand with helpful, environment-friendly initiatives focused on various regions.

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