Single Hand Watches from Meistersinger

Single Hand Watches from Meistersinger

Throughout the years, there have been a variety of watch complications from the watchmakers based all around the planet. For most watch lovers, these innovations in watch designs were something that they enjoyed a lot in their lives. Still, almost all of them expect to see three or two hands in their watches. In fact, most of them would be shocked to see a single hand watch. Now, such watches are the specialty of Meistersinger. For them, the primary philosophy that drives them is their desire to come up with unique single hand watches that are certainly going to amaze watch lovers.

The watchmaker and its creations are not that popular among the general public or the watch loving populace of the world. In fact, the name Meistersinger is not known to even some of the well-known watch collectors of the planet. It is high time the watch maker gain some fame for their valuable contributions to the industry.

Let us move on to the concept of reading time with only a single hand. How can you possibly read time with only one hand in place?  At first, those of you who have never experienced the single hand watch experience are going to discount even the possibility of reading time on a watch with a single hand only. Once the concept behind the watch is explained to you, your initial confusion at the sight of the watch dial is going to evaporate away. If you have ever seen the sight of realization coming into the minds of the people and a smile taking over the place of the initial confusion on their faces, you know that the watchmaker is successful in achieving what they ventured out to accomplish.

Meistersinger is not the very first intriguing watch design that is hitting the market. There have been numerous instances of watchmakers coming out with stylish and unique watches featuring a variety of new features. But, they gained their name for the complications incorporated into their creations. The more the number of complications, the merrier! Meistersinger has made a drastic change from that tradition and created a watch that is noteworthy for its lack of complications or sophistication. Of course, there is a level of sophistication associated with the watch. But, that is in learning to read the time; not in the technology or complications incorporated into it. This watch is quite legible for your eyes and stylish to wear as well.

How exactly do you read time on a single hand watch? The hand points to the hour and minutes together. in fact, the smallest marking on the watch dial stands for five minutes, and thus the watch can accurately denote time only with that much precision only. Then, most people look at time as increments of five minutes only, and thus this watch is able to do basic timekeeping function with elan.

How expensive are the watches from the brand? They are available at a price range starting from £700 and can go up to £3000, based on the features associated with the individual models.

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