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Sinn EZM 10

Sinn is a luxury German watch company. They specialize in precise pilots watches. Their newest wristwatch, the EZM 10, is a nice addition to their already impressive portfolio. Sinn’s EZM 10 boasts a modern retro style and lots of function. It also packs much of Sinn’s technology inside. It is a step towards the future of the brand and provides incredible value for the price.

The EZM 10 is an innovative men’s wristwatch. It runs on an automatic Sinn SZ01 movement that features a 12 hour chronograph with seconds and minutes counter, synched 24 hour hand, AM/PM indicator, the time, and a date display window. Sinn refers to this new creation as pilot’s chronograph. It certainly has all the features a pilot could want including an anti-humidity capsule inside the dial and a generous amount of anti-reflective coating so glare will never be an issue. The case cover is none other than sapphire crystal which is a durable, glare resistant, and blemish resistant material. A Tegimented titanium case provides serious durability for the roughest conditions. Tegimented titanium is a material that Sinn has created through their hardening process. This material is extremely lightweight. Most men will find the Sinn EZM 10 wristwatch quite comfortable. It measures in at 44mm wide which is a large size. Soft, black leather straps with orange stitching add to the comfort, and style, of this piece. The watch is also water resistant up to 200 meters. It also has superior anti-magnetic protection which is a known quality of Sinn.

Sinn is a company that insists on creating only the highest quality and useful products for their customers. Often times they pack so much technology and quality into a watch that it goes unnoticed. These values are what make Sinn a beloved brand among collectors. If you need a practically indestructible watch, Sinn is the brand for you. Their new EZM 10 packs all of their technologies into one reasonably priced, and handsome, watch. Pricing starts in the mid $5,000 range with some options available.

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