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Sinn is a German luxury watch company. It was founded in 1961 by aviation specialist Helmut Sinn. Sinn was a well-known pilot and flight instructor who wanted to create the perfect watch for aviation professionals. The first watches he produced were based on his personal extensive research and knowledge of the field. He created instrumental watches for pilots that were made from a pilot’s perspective. This filled the need for quality watches for pilots because at the time very few brands created useful watches that had all the functions a pilot required.

   Sinn watches were sold with direct marketing which helped keep an outstanding value for customers. The price of the watches weren’t inflated because Sinn avoided intermediate trade and tremendous marketing campaigns. The watches were manufactured in Switzerland providing quality reassurance backed by the reliability of Swiss watchmaking. The company is now owned by Lothar Schmidt as of 1994.

  Technology and innovation are at the core of Sinn watches. All of the wristwatches are made with scratch resistant stainless steel. They also incorporate escapements without using lubricant which helps to extend the time between maintenance appointments. Sinn watches are also filled with Argon in the case to help prevent humidity from diffusing into the material. It also prevents the case cover from steaming up in certain temperatures. The watch cases are almost entirely waterproof and highly resistant to water pressure thanks to Teflon oil in the case.

  Sinn watches are functional, stylish, and well-made wristwatches. If you are seeking outstanding aviation watch for yourself or your collection, check out Sinn wristwatches. With prices starting in the $1,500 range they provide tremendous value for the price.

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