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Sound & Color — A Multi-Layered Art Exhibition at Sugarlift

The synthesis of color and sound has always bewildered people’s minds. No one could even imagine how distinctive and inimitable the nature of such a combination might be. Contemporary art, considering its idiosyncrasy, allows artists to find new means of fusion and reproduction of color and sound. If you are an avid fine art collector and always eager for an unrivaled experimental art experience, you should direct your eyes at Sound & Color, a multi-layered art exhibition scheduled for October 15.

Sound & Color — A Multi-Layered Art Exhibition at Sugarlift

Sound & Color — a multi-layered art exhibition at Sugarlift

Starting from 2014, Sugarlift has evolved from a Bushwick-based small business into one of the best art platforms for artists and collectors. The gallery is especially valued for its innovative approaches to exhibits. Using cutting-edge technology and techniques, the enthusiastic team of managers and curators has breathed new life into the installation of the shows and their proper showcase.

To embrace all the mesmerizing atmosphere and beauty of the venue, you just have to join Sound & Color. The idea of this art exhibition is pretty simple and yet genuine: to merge music and visual art so as to invent a bespoke experience for all visitors. Imagine works by abstracts painters being interwoven with a symphony, nocturne, and jazz compositions from real musicians. This sounds very promising, and we believe that such an art show still has a lot in hand to impress you.

If you seriously think about visiting Sound & Color, here is some crucial information for you. The opening reception is planned to be on October 15 at 508 West 28th Street, New York. Admission is free. This art exhibition has become a reality thanks to Sugarlift, Steinway & Sons, and High Line Nine. And the last but definitely not the least piece of information concerns the list of artists whose works will be on view. These are Evan Venegas, Svetlana Rabey, Christopher Dunlap, Dana James, Robert Szot, Josh Jefferson, and Vicky Barranguet. The clock is ticking, so you should not delay the decision!

Photo credit: Sugarlift/sugarlift.com
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