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Speake-Marin Classic HMS watch

Peter Speake-Marin has jumped on the vintage bandwagon. Many watchmakers are reviving vintage designs with modern day technology. In the case of his new Classic HMS watch the vintage theme is nothing short of dazzling.

The Classic HMS watch is as simple as the title implies. HMS stands for hours, minutes, and seconds. This is after all what a watch is meant to display. This wristwatch only displays the hours, minutes, and seconds.  Don’t let that bore you though, the style of the watch more than compensates. Elegant, large Roman numerals decorate the watch displaying the hours. Alternating sized black dots represent minute markers. A thin silver ring outlines the hour and minute markers. Peter Speake-Marin is quaintly placed at the top of the watch in a small, black font. Switzerland is proudly engraved below the manufacturer’s name.

A medium blue color is used for the three dials. The chubby, short hour dial has an abstract arrow shape to it while the minute dial is a long, hourglass shape and the seconds dial is long and stick thin. The gold colored casing adds even more elegance to this piece. It is presented in a Piccadilly case which is slimmer than the original 12mm model. The Eros 2 automatic winding calibre makes it possible to slim the watch down. Speake-Marin’s trademark mystery rotor in blue can be seen through the transparent back casing. The Classic HMS features a five day power reserve. A handmade black alligator strap pulls off the classic look of this watch. Options are available for the Classic HMS. You can choose between a stainless steel casing or 18K red gold. You can also choose between a 38mm or 42mm case size.

Peter Speake-Marin’s Classic HMS wristwatch is the embodiment of a classic dress watch. It simply does what a watch is made to do; display accurate time. It has a powerful movement and power reserve and signature mystery rotor with sapphire crystal case coverings. Starting at $11,500 this is a reasonably priced mid-ranged luxury watch that fans of elegance will truly enjoy.

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