Speedmaster Schumacher Yellow – For the Formula 1 Racing Addict in You!

Speedmaster Schumacher Yellow

One of the most famous watch series from Omega is the Speedmaster, and the Schumacher Yellow version as well as the red and blue versions from the watchmaker has some of the elements of Formula 1 Racing DNA imbibed very deeply in to it. This particular model was introduced in the year 1996 for the very first time and was discontinued three years later.

What was the reason behind the creation of the very first Speedmaster watches? They were crafted for the race car fan out there and also for the real race car drivers who regularly scorch the car tires out there on the fast tracks on each and every day of the year. Those of you who are familiar with the original ads of these watches knew what their target audience was; there is no ambiguity in it.

At the time of the yellow Speedmaster’s launch, Michael Schumacher (the legendary race car driver who competed with the likes of Ayrton Senna in his illustrious racing career, lasting over a period of a quarter of a century, and retired from active racing in the last months of 2012) was its brand ambassador and hence was responsible for its launch. At the same time, Ralf Schumacher, brother and fellow F1 driver of Michael, was also associated with Omega. In addition to this model, Omega came out with a Schumacher edition Speedmaster with the legend’s signature proudly inscribed on the case back.

The watch is using the same case seen in Speedmaster Reduced with newly designed hands and dial. The Formula 1 trademark color shade used on the dial gels perfectly with the shade on the strap. In addition to the yellow, the model is available in blue and red shades as well. There was an option to get the watch in a stainless steel bracelet also.

In 1997, Omega came up with a special edition of the blue color model especially for CART (Championship Auto racing Teams) with its logos on the dial as well as on the box.

The watch arrived in a special box that looked like the tires of a race car. In order to get the watch out, you will have to move the tires apart and reveal the watch safely kept inside. At that time, the design of the box itself was a big hit among watch lovers. Even now, Omega has retained the essence of that Speedmaster watch box design for the most part.

The colorful Formula 1 watches were not part of any limited editions and hence never had any numbers depicting this status.

An ETA 2890-02 watch movement in combination with the Dubois-Dépraz caliber 2020 chronograph feature is running the watch and its functions. Together, this movement was christened the caliber 1141.

If you want to get hold of these Schumacher yellow, red or blue models, you need to locate them in the used watch market. Every Speedmaster aficionado must own at least one of the shades of this model.

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