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Spirituality, Wisdom, and Aesthetic Practice in Asian Art

If to compare Western and Eastern art, one would surprisingly find out that there is a yawning chasm between these two worlds. Throughout centuries, Asian art has been living its own life, barely noticing what is happening there, over the hill. Such a long-standing geographical and cultural seclusion is probably one of the reasons why East and West are so markedly different. To best demonstrate what has been said, let’s go through the phenomenon of art in Asia with a fine-tooth comb.

Spirituality, Wisdom, and Aesthetic Practice in Asian Art

Spirituality, wisdom, and aesthetic practice in Asian Art

What makes Asian art so foreign to westerners? The answer to this question lies in the past. In ancient times, Greek and Roman art laid a course for realism and actual representation of reality, whereas Oriental countries remained loyal to spirituality and the natural environment. Sometimes, though, it is hard to identify the exact boundaries of the Asian world. In the broadest meaning of the word, Asia mostly refers to such countries as China, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan, Iran, Thailand, and Vietnam, among others.

Let’s now focus on the concepts of spirituality, wisdom, and aesthetics that are shared by every Asian culture. First and foremost, Oriental art finds aesthetics in nature, while its philosophy is based on the harmony between metaphysics and organics, two ruling elements of the body and soul. If you want to understand it, you have to go far beyond your intellect and try to embrace the harmonious singularity of nature and life. After all, that is why we are so famously fond of Asian art.

Beautiful ceramics, textiles, exceptionally painted landscapes, garden design, and, of course, calligraphy are just a few examples of Eastern art. It is needless to say that the transportation of such complex and valuable artworks is a daunting challenge, so if you want to acquire a work of art while visiting an Asian country, make sure you work with serious art shipping experts like Fine Art Shippers. Art logistics professionals can provide you with a seamless international shipping experience and deliver your purchase to your home in one piece.

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