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Swatch is a watchmaking group founded in 1983. It is often referred to as the Swatch Revolution for good reasons.  Swatch offered Swiss made plastic watches that literally took the world by storm. Swatch was an affordable, trendy watch with quality, Swiss made parts at unbeatable prices.  Today their vintage models are highly collectible.

   Swatch was born thanks to the Asian invention of quartz movements. Quartz ruined the demand for quality Swiss watches for almost a decade. It offered affordability and reliability which in turn created a huge decline in luxury watch production. Nicolas G. Hayek saw a solution in the middle of a crisis. He proposed the idea of a second watch. The second watch would be a new way to tell the time that would express how you feel and your style. Thus Swatch was born and became an instant hit. Swatch watches provided all kinds of styles from elegant to retro. Everyone could find a watch they loved at a price that would allow them to buy one for every day of the week.

   Swatch has recently celebrated its 333 millionth watch manufactured to date.  It is also one of the biggest companies in the world and owns many luxury watch groups. Vintage Swatch watches are worth a pretty penny to collectors for their retro look and limitedness. Swatch still offers endless styles for all personalities at affordable prices. With many models starting at just $70 everyone can afford a watch that makes a statement and testament to who they are. For affordable, trendy, and unique design, check out Swatch.

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