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Tag Heuer

Edouard Heuer founded the brand in Switzerland when he was 20 years old, and even at this early age he was able to offer comfortable and elegant watches.  His evolution demonstrates that he was able to maintain a level of excellence as later on he was awarded a silver medal during an exhibition in Amsterdam.

As stated before, the brand has improved over the years with constant innovations and new designs.  There are 8 main models to this watch brand, the Carrera, the Grand Carrera, the Monaco, the Link, the Aquaracer, the Tag Heuer Formula 1, SLR and the Golf Watch.

Tag Heuer meets all the quality standards that are required by the haute horlogerie, and has also developed some quality specifications of its own that were patented in Switzerland.

The brand checks the materials it uses for strength a quality and also tests how the watch operates and performs.  Some of the tests performed by Heuer measure the resistance of the timepiece to UV rays, to extreme temperatures, to falls, and to severe environments.

An accurate measurement of the resistance to all these factors endures that the brand is offering a strong and durable product that will satisfy the customers.

The artisans at Tag Heuer play a significant role and make sure that each collection combines top of the line technology with watchmaking techniques to ensure that the final result complies with the best level of excellence.

Design expert meet periodically to create, innovate and discuss ideas and new concepts aiming to offer the latest innovations.  These meetings produce fantastic ideas, such as the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang. This fine watch model features 36 grams of 18K gold, as well as 479 diamonds on the bracelet and on the bezel. The peculiar name comes from the use of black diamonds to represent the Yin, and white diamonds to represent the Yang.

Tag Heuer has created its own style right from the start, and this has made them one of the leaders of the watchmaking industry.

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