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TechnoMarine is a young watchmaking company that has gained popularity at an incredible rate. They boast young, fresh, and trendy designs for individuals seeking a modern wristwatch that suits their personality. TechnoMarine is all about personality in fact. Their ad campaigns feature celebrities with their choice of watch and a bio about their likes.

In 1997 Franck Dubarry a successful diver and entrepreneur, created the first TechnoMarine wristwatch and presented it to the public. In fact, he literally named the watch TechnoMarine which later proved so unique and catchy that he decided to name the line TechnoMarine. This wristwatch was an instant hit because of how innovative, and unique it was. It featured a transparent plastic band called a Raft on a stainless steel chronograph. This gave the watch a truly elegant and modern look.

TechnoMarine has four areas of focus for their wristwatches. They are beach, boating, diving, and city. All of their wristwatches reflect one of these focuses. TechnoMarine wants to connect active urban individuals with the marine world in a fun and creative way. In fact TechnoMarine’s values as company list innovation and creativity before anything else. For an exquisite, funs, and innovative wristwatch, don’t hesitate to check out TechnoMarine. With prices starting in the $300 range and up these watches are affordable luxuries that pack great value.

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