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Tendence Slim Irreverent Watches – Created for the Wacky Child in you!

Are you someone who is proud of the wacky personal taste that you have? If so, you must be finding it hard to locate accessories to go with your costume. Not every fashion or costume designer is known to come out with designs that are going to suit your tastes. You have a large number of such experiences of unpleasant trips to shopping malls as well as boutiques from around the globe where you returned disappointed. Finally, there is a watch brand here to provide really wacky watches to go with your personal traits and preferences!

Tendence Slim Irreverent collection of watches is simply out of the world in their quality. They are something out of your wildest fantasies! These watches depict irreverence and craziness at its best. And, you have been waiting for them for a while now. It is about time something like this to hit the market and sweep you off your feet.

These watches do come in a variety of colors and the very same watch can contain as many as four different shades on them. This way, you can wear it with a variety of your colorful dress items.

Obviously, these watches are a bit too much for work or to go with your dress clothes, unless you work in the fashion industry or Hollywood! But, they are perfect for partying out at your favorite spot.

Tendence watches has an element of the third dimension in them. The hour digits are literally popping out of the dial in a funny manner. This could be the very first time that you are seeing a three dimensional watch!

This new watch collection hit the market soon after the destructive Sandy storm that ravaged parts of the US in November 2012. The case dimensions of the collection range between 41 mm and 47 mm in diameter.

The crazy design aesthetics is the unique selling point of this watch that has a stainless steel case. The very thin case, recessed lugs and the three dimensional aspects of the digits adds to the intrigue of the watch model.

When it comes to the watch strap, Tendence has its wackiness added to it in equal measure as well. The straps are really colorful. To add to that craziness, they have used two different colors on both sides of the watch strap. One of this would be the darkest shade visible on the dial and the other one a lighter version of a different shade.

Tendence came out with their well-received chronograph version of watches at the Baselworld 2012 Expo. The latest addition of six watches launched in November is a welcome addition to the watches under the brand name.

This collection of watches from Tendence is a great help for people who are seeking a way to showcase their colorful personality and the traits of their personal expressions in a really flashy manner. Any watch from the brand is a conversation starter and is definitely going to strain many necks to take a look at your wrists.

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