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The Amazing World of NYC Street Art

New York is truly regarded as the center of contemporary art in the United States. There are hundreds of galleries and museums featuring works by both world-famous artists and young contemporary creative amateurs. One of the movements in contemporary art is street art, and NYC street art is a vibrant area of artistic experimentation and self-expression. In the 1970s, the first street artists started painting graffiti on the streets of New York. Later, Quiñones painted entire subway trains and thanks to that got on the first-ever street art exhibition in Washington in 1981. So, what is so exceptional and appealing in NYC street art?

The Amazing World of NYC Street Art

Graffiti is widespread everywhere across the city, but the best works can be found in the hipster district of Bushwick. It can be rightfully called the center of street art in Brooklyn. Artists come from all over the world to Bushwick to live and work among their fellow thinkers and creators. The city authorities invite contemporary talents and arrange thematic street art exhibitions. There is even a special place for street artists, the NYC street art gallery. But some fans of the good-old street art traditions continue to paint walls illegally, which is punishable with fines in New York.

New York is home to some of the best street artists. For example, COST and REVS are still considered the most creative artists in history. They have distinguished themselves by the manner of leaving their phone numbers under the graffiti so that anyone could call and share their opinions about their work. Leo McGurr from Brooklyn, known as Futura 2000, is another global street art star. He has become a true legend and is now engaged in graphic design, exhibiting his works in galleries across the globe.

The Amazing World of NYC Street Art

One of the most famous street artists of our time who has also left his trace on the NY streets is Banksy. His works can be found in different parts of the planet, with many of them put on the list of protected cultural heritage objects. For example, the artist has created lots of amazing murals in London, Bristol, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and other cities, though no one still knows exactly who he is.

As you can see, it is not necessary to visit museums and galleries to see contemporary NY art. All you need is a walk along the streets of New York where almost every wall is a public NY street art gallery.

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