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The Brooklyn Museum: The Oldest and the Biggest in New York

The Brooklyn Museum in New York is an art space with a vast and exciting history. Since its foundation in 1895, the museum has changed its conception several times, so, it has made a long and complicated way to achieve today’s results. This museum can be compared to a living thing — some aspects have undergone a 180-degree turn, and some remained constant. But the Brooklyn Museum continues its development even at present times and gives joy to its numerous visitors with exciting exhibitions and installations.

The history of the Brooklyn Museum began much earlier than its official foundation. In 1823, it was the Brooklyn Apprentice’s Library for new tradespeople, which was located in Brooklyn Heights. In 1841, it moved to the Brooklyn Lyceum. The collaboration between the Library and the Lyceum grew into the Brooklyn Institute, and the founders decided to create some art installations and exhibitions to entertain students. It was the beginning of the future Brooklyn Museum — seemingly humble, but rapidly growing.

The Brooklyn Museum

Nowadays, the art institution hosts an exhibition on every floor, featuring classic paintings and sculptures along with the finest examples of abstract art. The museum carries both short and long-term art shows. The latter include American and Ancient Egyptian Arts, Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden, European Arts, and many others.

The Brooklyn Museum is not only the place to enjoy paintings and sculptures, it also hosts numerous lectures, film festivals, dinner events, galas, and various shows. It’s a spot for meeting like-minded people, those who appreciate art and have a keen sense of beauty. You can find there beautiful masterpieces by the most prominent artists, take a walk in a park, listen to an interesting, amusing lecture, watch the film, or simply sit in the library and enjoy the silence with an exciting book. There is activity for any taste here! Another great advantage of the Brooklyn museum is that it is one of few museums with free entrance — with New York Pass you can visit this place for free, and in case you don’t have it, the cost of ticket is 16$ (which is relatively low as compared to other prominent and reputable New York museums).

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