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The Philadelphia Show of Art and Antiques is Open Online

The influence of the coronavirus pandemic on the art world is devastating. Most of the major international art fairs were canceled or postponed, which resulted in significant losses for the art business. Despite the sticky situation, the art market stands the ground and is ready to adjust to the challenges of these latter days. The Philadelphia Show of Art and Antiques has recently been called off, but now this important show is reconceptualized as the Philadelphia Online Show that started on May 14 and will keep its virtual doors open through May 28.

The Philadelphia Show of Art and Antiques is Open Online

The Philadelphia Show of Art and Antiques

Back in 1962, when the show was first launched, it came across as the University Hospital Antique Show. From 2018 onwards, it goes as a distinct and full-fledged massive space featuring the topmost quality American art and antiques from the colonial to the contemporary periods. Due to the unfavorable circumstances, the organizers united with InCollect, a world-class curated marketplace, to let the 58th edition of the show happen. Being the place where art auctions, dealers, collectors, and galleries come together, InCollect provides a rare opportunity to sell and buy exclusive and remarkable pieces even during the pandemic.

The Philadelphia art scene is undoubtedly one of the most vivid in the United States. This particular region is replete with outstanding national art that has become the inalienable part of the cultural heritage of the nation, and rightly so. The show is now presenting a wide selection of decorative art, furniture, jewelry, textile, Americana, and certainly folk art. Everyone interested may visit the show online to embrace the very essence of American art right from the comfort of their homes. Even hard times cannot stop art from being manifested to the public. We hope that everything will get better soon. For now, stay home and take care of yourself and your family!

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