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Three Bulova Ladies’ Mechanical Watches

Bulova mostly turns out watches with quartz movements, especially in their ladies’ models, but the brand isn’t exclusively electronic. They do sell mechanical movements, and they’ve recently put out some lovely ones. Three of their newer mechanical ladies’ watches (actually, they are basically the same watch with a few differences) use a double heart motif to really set off the look of the watch.

These three models have several features in common. For one thing, there are two double heart motifs on each, a small one at about four o’clock, and a much larger one between six and eight o’clock. One of the hearts of the larger decoration is actually an opening that shows the heart of the watch, you might say, the Japanese-made movement inside of it. On the smaller double-heart design, the heart on the right is filled with tiny diamonds. The case is about 34 millimeters and made of stainless steel.

The first watch, reference number 96R122, is all pale colors and bright shine. Diamonds are used as hour markers, and there’s also a version with a bejeweled bezel to sparkle along with them. The dial is mother of pearl, and its iridescence goes perfectly with the other aspects of the watch’s design. The most colorful things on this watch are the jewels visible in the movement. A mineral crystal window on the back of the watch shows the movement in more detail.

The second watch, the 98R154, looks almost just like the 96R122, except that there’s a lot more color thrown in. The stainless steel case and bracelet are two-toned, with both the silver color of the other model and a more reddish gold tone. The hands, Bulova symbol, and outlines of the hearts on the dial are all gold-toned as well. As a result, the heart-shaped aperture draws a little less attention, but it still looks great.

With the last model, the 96R151, Bulova got even more creative, changing the shape of the bezel and the color of the dial. Where the other two were round, this one is shaped more like a dodecagon (12 sides). The dial is blue mother of pearl and doesn’t have minute lines, but otherwise it’s roughly the same as on the other two models. The jewels marking the hours are more square-shaped, and the jewels on the bezel, which are mineral glass and diamond, are square, too.

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