Three Talented Emerging Artists to Keep an Eye on This Year

Three Talented Emerging Artists to Keep an Eye on This Year

To stay informed about the state of the art market, you have to be aware of the new trends and those who set them. While investing in artworks by artists who have already earned their fame and reverence is a fool-proof strategy, it is not the only possible option. Pieces by certain emerging artists can be just as valuable as works by acclaimed blue-chip artists. Experts in the field can make predictions as to which new talents will be stealing the stage next. Take a look at these artists who are currently at the beginning of their careers but have already been deemed promising by professional art curators and appraisers.

Three Talented Emerging Artists to Keep an Eye on This Year

Emma Kohlmann 

Emma Kohlmann is a New York-born painter who uses ink and watercolors to create her evocative figurative works. Her multifaceted background of studying philosophy and political science, majoring in art, reading and writing poetry, and self-publishing art zines have manifested in her incredibly fluid artwork. The fantastic worlds Kohlmann creates are not bound by the laws of nature; they are full of animalistic figures with human faces and mystical plants. For the artist, it is important that her work is inclusive and accessible to anyone who might see it.

Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi

Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi is a South African-American multi-media artist. She creates paintings, films, prints, and installations that explore issues of power, identity, race, and exile. The pastel color palette, neat geometric shapes, and broad smooth brushwork are the staples of her signature style. Nkosi’s latest series titled Gymnasium focus on the relationship between a group and an individual. Athletes, and female gymnasts in particular, are a prominent symbol in her work, which she uses to create a space where women of color can thrive and excel. Her unique perspective makes her one of the most promising emerging artists.

Scott Sueme

Scott Sueme is an emerging artist from Vancouver, Canada. He started as a graffiti artist but found himself expanding past the constraints he felt the genre was inflicting on him. Interactions between colors are the focal point of his abstract minimalistic paintings. Sueme’s approach to the artistic process allows him to see the properties individual colors possess and capture the unique moments of connection and interaction between them when used together.

As you can see, today’s art scene keeps surprising us with emerging artists whose work is changing not only contemporary art but also the world around us. Pieces by these three visionaries are already being actively sought out by collectors, so do not miss your chance to own one!