Three Ways to Incorporate the Glitch Aesthetic into Your Art

Three Ways to Incorporate the Glitch Aesthetic into Your Art

Glitch art is a relatively new field that has recently started rapidly gaining popularity. Even if you have just come across this trend, most likely, you are already inspired by what you see. In this blog post, we will share some useful tips that will help you incorporate the glitch aesthetic into your own art practice.

Three Ways to Incorporate the Glitch Aesthetic into Your Art

What is glitch art?

Glitch art is an art movement that involves creating purposeful digital or analog errors and using them as part of your work. This often includes manipulating software or hardware errors to make visual or auditory distortions. Artists are drawn to this art movement for various reasons: some enjoy experimenting with technology, while others like the philosophy behind it. Want to try adding elements of glitch art to your artwork? Give these three suggestions a try.

Break things

Breaking technology that costs thousands of dollars can be scary, especially for someone creating glitch art for the first time. We suggest that you start somewhere where the stakes are slightly lower. For example, you can get an old TV at a flea market or online for cheap or even free. If it is barely working, you are heading in the right direction. You do not need a stable connection or a high-quality image to create glitch art. Look up some tutorials and enjoy exploring this new medium.

Simulate broken software or hardware

Glitch art does not necessarily have to use real software or hardware damage. If you like the glitch aesthetic but are not ready to become a hardcore glitch artist, you can use things made by other people. Of course, we do not mean stealing from artists. You can find glitch filters for videos and photographs online that you can apply to your original pieces.

Think past digital media

Who said the glitch art aesthetics could only be achieved through digital media? If you are more of a traditional artist, you can recreate similar visual effects with any materials you want. Paintings mimicking digital effects are becoming increasingly popular in today’s art world, so you will have no shortage of inspiration.

In the end, glitch art is whatever you want it to be. Experimenting with new mediums and breaking rules can be a great way to expand your artistic horizons. You never know when you might stumble upon your new passion.