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Tiffany and Co. is an extremely popular luxury jewelry company that has recently opened its production to luxury wristwatches. Tiffany and Co. wristwatches offer tastefully designed, simplistic watches for both men and woman. It was founded in 2008 and is currently owned by the infamous Swatch Group. Tiffany and Co. wristwatches are all made in Switzerland.

 Tiffany and Co. is known for its conservative, yet captivating style. Its wristwatches stay true to the brands values and aesthetic appeal. Many of the watch models also revisit Tiffany’s original designs from the past. The Atlas collection, for example, pays tribute to the Atlas clock that rests above the Fifth Avenue Tiffany and Co. location.  The Gemea collection is also a tribute to classic Tiffany and Co. style with a modern twist. The rectangular dial is surrounded by a ring of diamonds with large, roman numeral style numbers marking the 12,3, and 9 hours. It is also available in a stainless steel case.

Tiffany and Co. men’s watch models are elegant, classy, and slightly modernized. If you are looking for a classic wristwatch from a beloved brand, Tiffany and Co. is right for you. The wristwatches do not pack a brag worthy movement as most of them run off quartz, but they do offer reliability and luxury. If you prefer to make a subtle statement, check out Tiffany and Co. wristwatches. Pricing begins in the $2,000 range and precious gems and metals are available for most models.

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