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Tissot Visodate

Tissot is well known luxury watch manufacturer. They are considered an entry level luxury brand with low to mid-range pricing for their products. Low refers to the fact that the prices are considered low for luxury goods. Watch enthusiasts and those just starting their voyage into the watch world will be delighted to know that Tissot has truly outdone themselves with their new Visodate. Pricing starts at just $620 and comes with an outstanding two year warranty.

The Visodate is a handsome watch that still has a luxurious look and feel despite the affordable price tag. The Visodate features a powerful ETA 2836-2 movement. This only sets it apart from competitors in this price range. Stainless steel, a watch industry favorite, was used for the casing. The casing itself measures in at a comfortable 40mm. This will fit most men and women. Sapphire crystal was used for the casing cover. If you didn’t know, sapphire crystal is used on most luxury watches. It is a scratch resistant material that also allows complete visibility in most lighting conditions. It’s also known for its ability to camouflage blemishes on the crystal. This watch has a 1950’s vintage vibe about it. You’ll instantly be reminded of the 50’s by the style of dial used. The dial has a sharp shape and is silver in color. The face is a clean, matte white color with black minute markers and silver hour markers. The Tissot logo is silver in color and presented in a 50’s style font.

The Visodate displays the day and date clearly on a column on the right side. A faux alligator strap pulls the elegance of this piece all together. This is a fantastic dress watch that both genders could appreciate. Tissot has been producing all kinds of different watches lately that are aim at a variety of consumers. The Tissot Visodate proves that Swiss watchmakers can make quality, attractive watches at affordable prices.

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