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Tissot is a Swiss, luxury watch company with deep roots in horology. It was founded in 1853 by the Tissot family. It was based in Le Locle, Switzerland and as grown to an international sensation. It first innovative watch was a pocket watch made in 1853 that had two accurate time zones. Technology is at the core of Tissot. Now they produce their famous T-Touch watch which has made them a leader in innovation.

 Tissot is innovative with design and materials. Wood, rock, pearl and other unique materials are used in many watch models. There are many collections available for both genders. Tissot provides styles that even the most particular individual will find appealing. They also offer watches for every occasion. Tissot has a large celebrity following for good reason. These Swiss watches are elegant, luxurious, accurate, and reliable.

Tissot continues to expand to reach all corners of the world yet stays faithful to its Swiss roots. Tissot continues to pioneer innovation and quality craftsmanship. It is now a member of the Swatch Group which is the world’s largest watch distributor and one of the biggest companies in general today. Tissot continues to create fantastic value for the price. With a considerably lower price tag than many other Swiss watches, Tissot is sure to please any budget. With prices starting at $300 everyone can afford a luxurious wristwatch from Tissot.

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